October 10, 2018


Hallmark holiday or not—give your boss a bagel

Boss’s Day is Tuesday, October 16. But don’t be that person who buys a solo gift for their boss. Why? Because it looks like you’re too eager to win points and leave your other co-workers out to dry (even if they are more forgetful.)

That said, you don’t want to skip it either—even if it is a Hallmark-fueled holiday. So what’s a hard worker to do? Consider organizing a breakfast. Commissary just rolled out a new catering menu* that makes it super simple. The morning menu ranges from fresh-baked pastries, bagels, and coffee to a full spread with a smoked salmon platter, breakfast tacos, and butcher’s hash, breakfast tacos, smoked salmon platter, and seasonal quiche. Want a bit of everything? Go for The Breakfast Box, which serves 12-16 people with assorted breakfast tacos or sausage-and-egg sandwiches, bagels, pastries, yogurt parfaits, coffee, and juice. Boss is happy. Team is happy. You get a win-win—and a blueberry bagel.—Michelle Padgett

The Details: Commissary, 1217 Main Street. Order from the catering menu here

*Catering options don’t stop with breakfast. Commissary has robust offerings for lunch, dinner, and entertaining, too. The assorted sandwich trays and large salads are a top pick at our offices, while the fruit and cheese and charcuterie trays are ideal for entertaining clients. Everything from their kitchen is house-made, fresh-baked, and beautifully presented.