30 Nov 2015
"Good design is not only beautiful, but also functional."
We'd like to make a bold statement: fashion designer Sebastian Kaiser is a modern day superhero. His line, Boulezar, is billed as "Comfy Couture" and we can't disagree. From the su [...]
25 Nov 2015
TRAFFIC LA and TenOverSix are offering shoppers special deals.
Let's talk about the real reason you'll be eating that second piece of pie at Thanksgiving dinner—to fuel up for Black Friday Sales. This year, avoid the mall and go shopping somew [...]
24 Nov 2015
Hint: Us.
On a beautiful evening last week, members of The Joule Hotel's staff attended the HOSPY Awards at the Omni Hotel, presented by the Hoteliers from Across North Texas. A few hours la [...]
Nail Polish
23 Nov 2015
Secrets from the man who's pampered the feet of Sharon Stone, Judge Judy, and Muhammad Ali.
Bryant Arthur is 5'10,'' about 224 pounds, a veteran of the Special Operations in the United States Military, and was formerly an officer in a high-security prison. He’ [...]
19 Nov 2015
Friday the 13th proved lucky for those looking to get inked.
Sometimes you find yourself in a room full of needles, even though you're violently scared of even getting a flu shot. That was the case this past weekend, when I decided to stop b [...]