13 Nov 2015
Lots of options for carnivores this weekend.
Friday -Elm Street Tattoo Festival. Yes, it's Friday the 13th. The festival begins Thursday at midnight with a 24-hour tattoo convention,and throughout the weekend there will be [...]
Normandy, Jasmin Shokrian, Kristen Cole, and Amanda Reed.
12 Nov 2015
The fashion designer and the sea.
You can add fashion designer Jasmin Shokrian to the list of countless creatives who have been inspired by the sea. But the Los Angeles designer's Fall 2015 collection isn't your ty [...]
10 Nov 2015
Transform your low brows to high brows.
The moment Cara Delevingne hit the modeling circuit, countless women began lusting over her brows. So thick, so bold, so whydontihavethose! But the beauty behind this trend is that [...]
9 Nov 2015
It's sew cool.
There are a few things we really love about Javier Tellez's design aesthetic, but let's start with the most fundamental: he adores the color black. Thank goodness, because if winte [...]
Magda Sayeg 2
6 Nov 2015
Books, booze, and maybe some boos. That's what you should do!
Friday –Watch an art installation. Knitting needle queen Magda Sayeg will be installing a colorful piece in the lobby of the Joule and windows of TenOverSix from 10 a.m. to 5 p. [...]