29 Dec 2015
Ring in the new year with some gorgeous new tomes.
We know you're tired of shopping right now, but hear us out. Taschen Books has notified us that pricing for their Limited Collection books is going up on January 1st. That means yo [...]
28 Dec 2015
One too many eggnogs? Never fear, John Terlingo has your back(side).
There’s a good chance that come January you’ll be vowing to actually spend time working on your fitness instead of binge watching “Game
of Thrones” with that third glass of wine. N [...]
23 Dec 2015
Whether you've been really good or really bad this year, we've got the perfect gift for you.
Nice: WOVENPLAY Seafoam Doll, TenOverSix,
$269 | PROENZA SCHOULER Leather PS1, Five and Ten, $1,575 | ZAHARAH Bra in Burgundy, Agent Provocateur, $690 | Art Works by OSAMA WATANABE [...]
23 Dec 2015
Feed us.
We have this theory: if the treat you're eating is mini, you can have more of it. (This hasn't been proven by science, by the way.) Enter Deep Ellum bakery Dandelion Cheesecake, [...]
21 Dec 2015
Boobs, bags, and boxes.
"I'm heavily influenced by color and I love this Baggu x Fort Makers clutch hand painted by Naomi Clark because of its mix of lavender, yellow and black." - Amanda, Store Manager [...]
20 Dec 2015
The Joule's chef concierge waxes poetic on gift giving.
Andrew Bottomley is at your service. Whether you'd looking for tickets to a concert or an off-the-beaten-path taco joint to hit the sweet spot, our chef concierge has your covered. [...]
17 Dec 2015
Going bottoms up might not be so bad for you after all...
Wine goes hand-in-hand with fruitcake and family squabbles in the catalogue of holiday mainstays. Luckily, that cabernet is good for more than just getting us through those aforeme [...]
15 Dec 2015
What did we do for fashion inspiration before the days of Pinterest? There was a J. W. Anderson-sized hole in our heart needing images to lust after. In terms of modern outfit of t [...]
14 Dec 2015
What's on the wish list of our Taschen sales associates this season.
"My most recent favorites are The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. The books are filled with universally known stories, that stay true to the original [...]