10 Dec 2015
She's recording hits in her bathtub.
We've got a lot of awesome female energy on the 1530 Main blog today. From Sheila B's old school girl-power mix to Sudie's new-wave musical stylings, there's plenty of awesome live [...]
10 Dec 2015
She'll be playing at Midnight Rambler this Saturday and has one request: No requests, please.
In this day and age, just about anybody can claim to be a "DJ." But just because you manned the iPhone playlist at your cousin's bar mitzvah doesn't make you a bona fide disk jocke [...]
9 Dec 2015
A recap of all the fun.
Kate Micucci is undeniably talented. She's also pretty darn charming. She was in town last week for an art show at Brad Oldham Studio, and for those of you who missed out on the fu [...]
8 Dec 2015
Dallas production group Shakespeare in the Bar hits it out of the park with Richard III.
It's pretty unusual for a Shakespeare production to include a cover of "Party in the U.S.A." (yes, Miley Cyrus), selfies, and a good bit of off-stage wine chugging. But then again, [...]
8 Dec 2015
They're stopping traffic.
You can expect the unexpected while shopping at TRAFFIC LA. And their holiday windows are no different. Garrett Flowers, the creative brains behind the operation, took us on a tour [...]
7 Dec 2015
Magda Sayeg knits-one-purls-two for art.
Knitting needles aren’t typically thought of as tools for creating thought-provoking art, but then again, Magda Sayeg isn’t your typical rebel. The artist, known for creating gruel [...]
3 Dec 2015
The actress, singer, and songwriter waxes poetic on her creative flow.
Fact: Kate Micucci is an insanely busy lady. And while artist (check out her work here), musician (her band Garfunkel and Oates is pretty damn funny), and actress (you probably rec [...]
1 Dec 2015
Just looking at it makes us hungry.
Inspired by the arrival of Inside Chef's Fridges at The TASCHEN Library, we're getting nosy and looking inside the iceboxes of some of our favorite food fanatics. Kicking off the i [...]