6 Jan 2016
Seems logical.
Today is the first Thursday of 2016. Celebrate appropriately by having some fun at The Joule Hotel. There will be tunes from Josey Records' JT Donaldson (can we put in a request [...]
6 Jan 2016
“We’re kind of like your best friend giving you a look into people's homes and lives.”
Jake Rosenberg photographs your (dream) best friends for a living. As the creative director, co-founder, and photographer for The Coveteur, a fashion site that's known for givin [...]
5 Jan 2016
New to the lobby of The Joule: a roaming cocktail cart.
Start 2016 off on the right foot: with a little research and development to discover your new favorite cocktail. Barman extraordinaire (and pretty suave lumbersexual) Ian Reilly ca [...]
4 Jan 2016
Here are a few ways to actually keep your vow in 2016.
Have more fun. Check out our calendar, obviously. We're selecting the best of the best for you from Dallas' Generate some good karma. Try a meal at Café Momentum, where they are [...]