17 Feb 2016
One word: Tiramisu.
You're hearing it straight from the mouth of head chef Matt Ford: there's four new reasons to schedule dinner at Americano, like, tonight. Chicken Parmigiana. The reason I love [...]
16 Feb 2016
Brazilian artist Erika Verzutti is known for pieces that dually interacts in the spheres of paint...
The Joule's recently acquired abstract composition, Bikini, located near Italian eatery Americano, is no different. "I believe it's important that the sculpture remain essential [...]
16 Feb 2016
Instead of tasting the rainbow, go inside one.
Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens' Blue, Red, and Yellow (2001) looks like something out of The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour. Located inside The Nasher Sculpture Center's ga [...]
9 Feb 2016
Local artist Sam McCurdy's work adorns the cover of our style issue.
Standing behind the curtain in the Winspear Opera House's Hamon Hall, I heard the crowd hush. It was showtime for the Oral Fixation storytellers, myself included. Though I had neve [...]
8 Feb 2016
One thing’s for sure: Blake Wright knows how to make a first impression.
Whether you discover his work through his eponymous portfolio and Instagram account or spot the tattoo-covered artist at a 6 a.m. Terlingo Cycle class, both his art and in-person p [...]
5 Feb 2016
Curator Justine Ludwig talks about her favorite books at The TASCHEN Library.
Black Sheep Feminism: The Art of Sexual Politics, currently on view at Dallas Contemporary, is a groundbreaking exhibition which probes the work of four radical feminist artists ac [...]
3 Feb 2016
We're always hungry for pretty publications.
One of our super-crushes is the bi-annual indie mag Cherry Bombe, which pairs pretty photos with amazing stories about the women in the food industry. The founders, Kerry Diamond a [...]
2 Feb 2016
There will be drinks, music, and more.
Celebrate the end of the week appropriately by having some fun at The Joule Hotel. There will be tunes from Josey Records’ JT Donaldson (can we put in a request for St. Vincent, pl [...]