31 Mar 2016
Radiant Human isn't just making pretty pictures.
I'm not a superstitious person. That is, unless it comes to cracks in the concrete, salt spilling on a table, Friday the 13th, and the evil eye. Okay, so I am a little superstit [...]
30 Mar 2016
CBD Provision's new salad will hit the spot.
There are times in your life when you just need a pizza. Other times, it's a good salad. Instead of going for a lackluster greens-in-a-bag, try CBD Provision's new Power Greens !!! [...]
29 Mar 2016
Deep Vellum Publishing is changing the literary landscape in Dallas.
Will Evans, founder of Deep Vellum Publishing, wants you to know something: he isn't a luddite. It's not that he's opposed to e-readers, it's just that they need to step up their g [...]
29 Mar 2016
Jewelry brand Miansai is taking the show on the road.
There's something incredibly charming about Airstream trailers. Call us nostalgic, hipsters, or a combination of the two—we're obsessed with that chrome exterior. (Hey: It's a grea [...]
28 Mar 2016
Channel your inner Nicki Minaj
Deep Ellum has a reputation for turning out genre-defining musical acts (read more about it here􏰂􏰃). With a slew of recording and photography studios available to the public for re [...]
28 Mar 2016
What Dallas Cowboy's cornerback Brandon Carr wears when he isn't in uniform.
Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr isn't in to Polo shirts. And while you'll never find the casual collared pullover in his closet, that's okay—because his wardrobe is filled w [...]
23 Mar 2016
Have a pawesome stay at The Joule.
Here at The Joule, National Puppy Day is celebrated every day of the year. To say we're a "pet friendly hotel" is an understatement—we want your four-legged friend to have as good [...]
23 Mar 2016
Rocket Fizz will also give us Diabetes.
Open for less than a year, Rocket Fizz just might be our new happy place (or at least the place that destroys our attempt at healthy eating habits). The Deep Ellum candy shop, l [...]
21 Mar 2016
This Victory Park shop isn't to be missed.
Valentine's Day. Mother's Day. Birthdays. Monday. Finding the right card for a special occasion (or just because) can be difficult. And for those of us who like a little snark a [...]
21 Mar 2016
Say a little prayer for your favorite politician.
Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton. Kanye West. And even, yes, Donald Trump. Doesn't matter if you're going red or blue in November 2016, local swag shop Bullzerk is all stocked up wi [...]
17 Mar 2016
Kjaer Weis Beauty is good for both your body and the environment.
There's a nasty rumor going around about natural makeup. You've heard the gossip—that is doesn't work as well as the chemical-laden counterparts when it comes to producing a flawle [...]
16 Mar 2016
Ditch the green beer this year.
It's time for you to step up your beer game this St. Patrick's Day (okay, and every other day of the year). Instead of drinking that watered down name brand brew (we're looking at [...]