patron saints
21 Mar 2016
Say a little prayer for your favorite politician.
Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton. Kanye West. And even, yes, Donald Trump. Doesn't matter if you're going red or blue in November 2016, local swag shop Bullzerk is all stocked up wi [...]
KW 1
17 Mar 2016
Kjaer Weis Beauty is good for both your body and the environment.
There's a nasty rumor going around about natural makeup. You've heard the gossip—that is doesn't work as well as the chemical-laden counterparts when it comes to producing a flawle [...]
All brews available at CBD Provisions.
16 Mar 2016
Ditch the green beer this year.
It's time for you to step up your beer game this St. Patrick's Day (okay, and every other day of the year). Instead of drinking that watered down name brand brew (we're looking at [...]
RGB polish swatches.
16 Mar 2016
We're all for spring cleaning, and that includes your beauty drawer (okay, drawers).
Thick or discolored polishes need to go. Another criteria for something to get the ditch? Nasty chemicals. There's been a revolution in the nail polish industry: people are paying [...]
15 Mar 2016
Alternative title for this story: Where to drink, 2016.
Whether you're looking for a spot to enjoy your morning latte or a nightcap under the stars, there are plenty of outdoor dining and drinking options in Dallas. Here's where we'll b [...]