10 Mar 2016
Three minutes inside a -274° cryosauna machine.
I’m one of those girls who is always cold. Heated seats are utilized year-round in my vehicle and Texas summer temperatures are celebrated—I’ll take 100°F over the cold any day. [...]
10 Mar 2016
Curator Justine Ludwig talks about her favorite books at The TASCHEN Library.
This selection focuses on books that attempt to make sense of the world we live in through weird and wonderful means. Highlighting the fantastical, each publication brings magic to [...]
9 Mar 2016
Can healthy food actually hit the spot?
There are few words in the English language I despise more than "health food." To me, eating is about cravings, not compromising flavor to save some calories. (Seriously, nobody wi [...]
RECESS-5_Jonah Bokaer_Michael Hart
8 Mar 2016
Inside a "Rules Of The Game" rehearsal.
February 29 marked the inaugural practice of a weeklong residency, where eight dancers worked with scenographer Daniel Arsham and choreographer Jonah Bokaer on the upcoming SOLUNA [...]
7 Mar 2016
This isn't your average gift shop.
We're about to make a bold statement here—everything inside Oak Cliff's We Are 1976 is cute. Japanese candy, Wes Anderson-inspired prints, handmade succulent holders... We want it [...]