Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.
2 Mar 2016
The new menu at Tea at TASCHEN is almost too pretty to eat—almost.
Chef Zach Dunphy and team have revamped the menu for Tea at the TASCHEN Library and it's something you'll want to try. Savory bites include the Ham Mousse Brioche, circled with [...]
1 Mar 2016
Time for a not-so-humble brag: I have almost perfect skin.
The adjectives “flawless” and “porcelain” are regularly used to describe my 25-year-old complexion, which is the product of both good genes and a sporadically dedicated skin regime [...]
1 Mar 2016
Artist Sam McCurdy's work draws from the banal and the beautiful.
Sam McCurdy came to Dallas for solitude. A Philadelphia native who studied in Baltimore and lived in New York and D.C., McCurdy was drawn to the mythic space of Texas. “I wanted [...]