12 Apr 2016
Photographer David Yarrow faces lions and bears, oh my!
Wildlife photographer David Yarrow and his Nikon camera meet the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Whether it's black rhinos in Tanzania, elephants in Kenya, or mountain gorillas [...]
12 Apr 2016
All-American fashion designer Jeremy Scott comes to Dallas.
"I just love color," designer Jeremy Scott says with an almost-confessional tone over lunch at The T Room. "And fun shapes. Anything that has an unexpected twist." The thing is— [...]
11 Apr 2016
Who to see at Art Fair, and where to see them.
The Dallas Art Fair enters its eighth year downtown at Fashion Industry Gallery, promising work by an abundance of international talent. In advance of the art extravaganza, take a [...]
8 Apr 2016
RewardStyle co-founder Amber Venz Box.
In 2011, Dallas-born Amber Venz and her future husband Baxter Box started a retail revolution. Venz, a jewelry designer and fashion blogger, was looking for a way to monetize her s [...]
7 Apr 2016
Magda Berliner's handmade creations are swoon-worthy.
Everything that Madga Berliner designs is one of a kind. That's just the nature of the business when you're working with vintage lace and repurposed fabric. And if "vintage lace [...]
6 Apr 2016
Local juice press Vim + Vigor has gone savory.
I've seen the bottom of a Vim + Vigor bottle or two. And while I still don't find myself craving beet juice, the local press' newest addition to their liquid products has me intrig [...]
6 Apr 2016
It's Pimp My House, Samantha McCurdy style.
There's something reactive about the color pink. Whether you're a fan of the color a la Barbie, or avoid it at all costs (hello), the newest project by local artist Samantha McCurd [...]
5 Apr 2016
Inside Joan and Seth Davidow's Site 131.
On a Friday afternoon in March, Joan Davidow places a black hardbound book in front of me. Davidow, empress of the Dallas contemporary art scene, urges me to take a look, her excit [...]