21 Apr 2016
Your daily grind might actually be good for you.
Coffee enthusiasts have been buzzing recently, and it’s not just thanks to that extra shot of espresso in their morning brews. Recent studies have shown that a second or third cup [...]
helmut lang
21 Apr 2016
An designer is reborn as an artist.
Persistence paid off for Dallas Contemporary executive director Peter Doroshenko. About five years ago, while flipping through a German magazine, Doroshenko first discovered the [...]
motor sisters
20 Apr 2016
Ice cream flavors inspired by feminists.
You know that saying—the one about well behaved women rarely making history? Well Kari Crowe Seher and Mark Seher, the duo behind Fort Worth's MELT Ice Creams, have put their own d [...]
Irving Penn 1
20 Apr 2016
You could call this the anti-iPhone exhibit.
Legendary American photographer Irving Penn is best known for the iconic fashion photography and still life images he shot for Vogue over more than six decades (the prolific artist [...]
20 Apr 2016
The scoop on John Riepenhoff's delicious projects.
“Everyone responds to food,” says John Riepenhoff, an artist and curator whose medium often shifts toward the edible. “You put a little food into someone’s mouth in an art experien [...]