Image via flickr/@blu_pineappl3
19 Apr 2016
Dallas fragrance designer Niven Morgan helps you set the mood.
For local fragrance designer Niven Morgan, inspiration doesn’t strike when he smells something pleasing. It has more to do with where he is, the people he’s with, and the mood of t [...]
"07," "03," and "02" by Ward Roberts.
19 Apr 2016
Inside Ward Roberts' candy-hued work.
They're almost too pretty to believe—Ward Roberts has traveled the world scouting for stylish sports courts—yes, those are a thing. The creme de la creme has been documented in his [...]
The Joule through the eyes of local artist Ruben Burgess.
18 Apr 2016
Ruben Burgess creates art without ever picking up his pen.
The idea behind SartorialNOlift is simple—local artist Ruben Burgess draws fashion-inspired illustrations without ever lifting his pen. The product, on the other hand is much more [...]
18 Apr 2016
What went down at The Joule's famous party.
A closing ceremony for the Dallas Art Fair for the third year running, The Joule’s The Eye Ball welcomed well-heeled natives and tourists alike to dance beneath the watchful gaze o [...]
One Main Place
18 Apr 2016
See the city through Eric Petschek's lens.
Eric Petschek, or "Cityboy" as he is commonly known, is an interior architect and design photographer. He studied at Pratt, after which he designed interiors at the esteemed firms [...]