15 Apr 2016
Artist Paola Pivi’s sculpture pop-up at Dallas Contemporary.
While Paola Pivi’s current residence is in India, the Italian artist spent years living in Alaska. During her extended stay in the tundra, Pivi developed a body of whimsical sculpt [...]
14 Apr 2016
Anna Karlin goes deep in the heart of TenOverSix.
If you're a regular at The Joule, you might have noticed something new at TenOverSix—the windows have been transformed in honor of New Yorker Anna Karlin's designs. The multi-di [...]
14 Apr 2016
Where to suffice those late night munchies.
Just because you’re dining after-hours doesn’t mean you have to hit up the Whataburger drive thru (though more power to you if that’s what you’re craving). Here’s where some of Dal [...]
Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.
14 Apr 2016
Local talent finds an international stage at The Fair.
The Dallas Art Fair isn’t just a time for a moment for the international community to take over the city, but a time for the world to meet the city’s homegrown talent. Gallerists a [...]
CW 1530 Main-7222-3
13 Apr 2016
How art enthusiast Christen Wilson gets ready for the biggest week of the year.
Inside Dallasite Christen Wilson's home, there's tons of awe-inspiring art, but not all of it is on the walls—a lot of it can be found hanging in her closet. The mother of three is [...]