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13 Apr 2016
How art enthusiast Christen Wilson gets ready for the biggest week of the year.
Inside Dallasite Christen Wilson's home, there's tons of awe-inspiring art, but not all of it is on the walls—a lot of it can be found hanging in her closet. The mother of three is [...]
13 Apr 2016
The Dallas Art Fair has quickly become one of the most anticipated fixtures on the city's cultura...
An integral part of Dallas’ burgeoning contemporary art scene, the Fair plays a unique role within the Dallas Arts District, which is anchored by hallmark institutions such as the [...]
"Heaven Can Wait" by David Yarrow. Image courtesy of photographer.
12 Apr 2016
Photographer David Yarrow faces lions and bears, oh my!
Wildlife photographer David Yarrow and his Nikon camera meet the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Whether it's black rhinos in Tanzania, elephants in Kenya, or mountain gorillas [...]
Photo by @rebecca_eliz.
12 Apr 2016
All-American fashion designer Jeremy Scott comes to Dallas.
"I just love color," designer Jeremy Scott says with an almost-confessional tone over lunch at The T Room. "And fun shapes. Anything that has an unexpected twist." The thing is— [...]
Paola Pivi's famed bears. Image courtesy of the artist
11 Apr 2016
Who to see at Art Fair, and where to see them.
The Dallas Art Fair enters its eighth year downtown at Fashion Industry Gallery, promising work by an abundance of international talent. In advance of the art extravaganza, take a [...]