6 Apr 2016
Local juice press Vim + Vigor has gone savory.
I've seen the bottom of a Vim + Vigor bottle or two. And while I still don't find myself craving beet juice, the local press' newest addition to their liquid products has me intrig [...]
pink house
6 Apr 2016
It's Pimp My House, Samantha McCurdy style.
There's something reactive about the color pink. Whether you're a fan of the color a la Barbie, or avoid it at all costs (hello), the newest project by local artist Samantha McCurd [...]
5 Apr 2016
Inside Joan and Seth Davidow's Site 131.
On a Friday afternoon in March, Joan Davidow places a black hardbound book in front of me. Davidow, empress of the Dallas contemporary art scene, urges me to take a look, her excit [...]
Photography by Eric Laignel.
4 Apr 2016
The Joule's pool opens today.
Behold, the Joule Hotel’s 10th floor natatorium retreat. Hotel guests can enjoy views of Downtown Dallas (plus check out The Eye from above) while sipping on cocktails and soaking [...]
4 Apr 2016
Leather, lace, and diamonds. What more could you want?
Sisters Yarden and Oren Katz were destined to be jewelry designers. Born into a multi-generational family of jewelers, it was only a matter of time before they fulfilled their dest [...]