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31 May 2016
A Texas theater with an infamous past is resurrected.
By Christopher Mosley It was November 22, 1963. Inside a darkened theater, less than five miles from where he had just allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harv [...]
Image courtesy the Nasher Sculpture Center.
27 May 2016
Drink, dance, and get your grub on.
Friday -Joel Shapiro at The Nasher. Spend your rainy day taking in some amazing designs by American artist Joel Shapiro. The Details: 2100 Flora Street. -Yo Gotti. It's going d [...]
26 May 2016
You can have your (gluten-free) cake and eat it, too.
Mother-daughter duo Anne Hoyt and Taylor Nicholson were eating gluten-free before it was cool. The pair suffers from Celiacs, and after realizing there was a lack of fresh, fun [...]
25 May 2016
The culinary world's second in command steal the show for two nights.
Sous chefs (i.e. the understudies for the executive chefs at your favorite five-star restaurants) pull more than just their weight in the kitchen—but, they rarely feel the glow of [...]
24 May 2016
Celebrate the artist's birth with this new TASCHEN tome.
Photographer Daniel Kramer has what could easily be labeled my "dream job." In 1964 he met the 23-year-old up and coming artist Bob Dylan, and began photographing him for exactly a [...]