17 May 2016
This wasn't your typical night out.
It was 20 minutes after 8:30 and Hatsune Miku still hadn't come on stage. That's nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to seeing live music—but when the act you're about to wat [...]
17 May 2016
What to expect from the annual festival.
SOLUNA, the international aiusic and arts festival that merges classical music with visual art, is coming to Dallas for its second year with some very big names involved. SOLUNA [...]
16 May 2016
Local photographer Gray Malin will make you lust for a vacation.
On gloomy days like today, we thank our lucky stars for photographer Gray Malin. The Dallas-born artist just debuted his first book, titled Beaches, and inside you'll find the prod [...]
12 May 2016
The skinny on the health trend.
For the uninitiated, fermented foods can be intimidating. Raw ingredients are transformed into probiotic wunderkinds via the process of lacto-fermentation, resulting in probiotic f [...]
11 May 2016
Meri Dahlke talks about the Ten Bells cats.
You could call Meri Dahlke the patron saint of Oak Cliff cats. The animal lover and owner of Ten Bells Tavern has been caring for the local cat population since her bar was built f [...]