Irving Penn
Bee, New York, 1995, printed 2001
27 Jun 2016
Two fashion-focused exhibits to check out this summer.
Irving Penn at the Dallas Museum of Art Legendary American photographer Irving Penn is best known for the iconic fashion photography and still life images he shot for Vogue over m [...]
26 Jun 2016
1530 Main's editor gets her smoke on in the name of a little spiritual healing.
Like many an obsession, it all started with a Snapchat video. A friend uploaded a video of herself swirling in smoke, with the caption, “Time for a spiritual cleansing.” And while [...]
shaina mote
24 Jun 2016
California closet dreamin'.
California designer Shaina Mote's Spring/Summer line is touching down in Texas this weekend a la TenOverSix. The designer is known for her neutral, seasonless pieces—which makes th [...]
24 Jun 2016
Drink, dance, and see a little ass.
Friday -Commerce Street Market. Go local at this outdoor event. There will be food, shopping, pop-up events, art installations, live music, and more. The Details: Learn more here. [...]
23 Jun 2016
All about The Spa at The Joule's new body oil.
Not all beauty products were created equal. But you know that no matter what treatment you're getting at The Spa at the Joule, it's not only top of the line when it comes to techni [...]