local 2
15 Jun 2016
An Oak Cliff couple has opened a foodie hot spot with serious neighborhood cred.
Tiffany Vance Johnson and Ben Johnson, the husband and wife founders of Local Press and Brew, have created an eatery that lives up to its name. Located on the corner of Beckley [...]
15 Jun 2016
What's *actually* the difference between tequila and mezcal?
Sometimes, a simple Google search isn't enough. In honor of our June/July issue, we tasted a whole lot of Mexican-inspired cocktails. But when it came to the difference between "te [...]
saffron herndon
14 Jun 2016
Saffron Herndon is one of Dallas' funniest—and youngest—comedians.
A few things to note about Saffron Herndon: She was born in 2005 but is obsessed with the ’90s; she’s a feminist, a Buddhist, and a vegetarian; oh, and she’s one of Dallas’ younges [...]
13 Jun 2016
Some hair inspiration to dye for.
It's not just a trend—technicolor hair can be spotted everywhere—from a punk rock concert to in the lobby of The Joule. Here's some of our favorite stunners and how they got their [...]
10 Jun 2016
Inside the head of sous chef Emmanuel Chavez.
It’s one of our favorite foodie events of the year—the Texas Sous Chef Dinner. Founded by Lucia sous chef Justin Holt, this event celebrates the second in command of the kitche [...]