14 Jun 2016
What was on the menu for the final night of the Sous Chef Dinner.
Oh, man. After days of hardcore eating, we need to take a nap (and probably a few workout classes, now that we're thinking about it). The second night of the Texas Sous Chef Din [...]
13 Jun 2016
Inside the first night of the Texas Sous Chef Dinner.
It's been almost 24 hours and we're still in a food coma thanks to last night's Texas Sous Chef Dinner. The third annual event, hosted by CBD Provisions, brought together nine sous [...]
13 Jun 2016
Some hair inspiration to dye for.
It's not just a trend—technicolor hair can be spotted everywhere—from a punk rock concert to in the lobby of The Joule. Here's some of our favorite stunners and how they got their [...]
10 Jun 2016
Inside the head of sous chef Emmanuel Chavez.
It’s one of our favorite foodie events of the year—the Texas Sous Chef Dinner. Founded by Lucia sous chef Justin Holt, this event celebrates the second in command of the kitche [...]
Bob Schneider
10 Jun 2016
Shop, sing, and drink for a great cause.
Friday -Bob Schneider. It's a double feature: Catch Bob Schneider at 6:15 p.m. or 9:15 p.m. at the Kessler Theater. The Details: 1230 West Davis Street.  -Le Cure. See the seco [...]