27 Jul 2016
It's time to move on from the old Ships Lounge (R.I.P.).
With the reopening of Ships Lounge, the discussion on “real” dive bars has ratcheted up around Dallas. There aren’t many left—and many of the survivors are closely guarded secrets. [...]
26 Jul 2016
Your summer reading list curated by The Wild Detectives.
From the book that inspired the coffee shop's name (and ethos) to translations from Turkish and Spanish, this list of what you should be reading from The Wild Detectives has a litt [...]
25 Jul 2016
Inside TenOverSix's feel-good jewelry line.
Sometimes you just need a little extra encouragement when it comes to facing your fears (even if it's just Monday or something bigger and badder). The Brave Collection is here to g [...]
25 Jul 2016
Two unique playlists from the Goldfrapp duo.
You're obsessed with Goldfrapp's music (it's cool, we are too). Good news: The British duo, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory just spent the last week recording a new record at Joh [...]
21 Jul 2016
Cheers to this.
Word on the street is that July 24th is National Tequila Day. And while we've been celebrating that holiday basically since we turned (ahem) 21—we're thinking something extra speci [...]
21 Jul 2016
So was our editor's apartment filled with evil spirits?
You've read the story about my spiritual cleansing (it's okay, I'll wait if you haven't). So now, a very important question: Was my apartment haunted? I made the trek back to [...]
20 Jul 2016
Plan on dinner at Americano on Sunday nights.
We dove in fork-first for brunch. Now it's time to gather the family 'round (or friends who feel like family) for Americano's newest addition to the menu—family style dinners. T [...]
20 Jul 2016
Where to wander during Dallas Gallery Day.
The fifth annual Dallas Gallery Day is upon us. And while there's tons of great Dallas galleries opening their doors from noon to 8 p.m., here are some of our favorites for you to [...]