18 Jul 2016
This inspiration behind Arquiste Parfumeur.
A Japanese galleon sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Hot chocolate made at a convent in the 17th century. Flowers adorning the altar inside an Aztec temple. These are all  [...]
14 Jul 2016
For frozen treats with booze in them, of course.
Back in the day, you enjoyed a sno cone or popsicle to cool off in the summertime. The tradition still stands—but now, you can have a little more fun with your treats. We sampled t [...]
14 Jul 2016
Electronic duo GoldFrapp comes to record in Dallas.
The siren song of Dallas has been calling musicians for decades—and British electronic duo GoldFrapp is the latest band to answer the cry. Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory will be [...]
14 Jul 2016
Need to fake months of diet and exercise? We've got you (un)covered.
It’s bikini season. And if you’re like us, you’re not quite ready to throw on a suit and frolic by the water. (Let’s face it, we may never actually be ready.) But damn, it’s hot [...]
14 Jul 2016
How a struggling South Dallas neighborhood is evolving one carrot at a time.
Imagine living in a place where your only source of food is the local liquor store. A place where there’s a 54 percent higher rate of cardiovascular disease, a 45 percent higher ra [...]
13 Jul 2016
Weird is in norm in this desert town.
The idea of seeing a podcast live is a little odd—but then again, "Welcome to Night Vale" isn't your typical show. Since it hit the airwaves in 2012, the "community updates" for th [...]
12 Jul 2016
Travel tips by Dallas tastemakers.
Texas might have once been a Republic, but 15 years prior to that it was one of the Mexican states that joined together to declare independence from Spain. Mexico and Texas’ shared [...]
11 Jul 2016
Alika Cooper's new work has landed in Dallas.
California artist Alika Cooper's latest series, titled "Unknown" will be gracing the walls of TenOverSix now through September. The work explores the role of women and feminism [...]
11 Jul 2016
Chic South-of-the-Border goods to shop locally.
La Mariposa This polychromatic Henderson shop is filled with totems of traditional Mexican culture: folk art, sugar skulls, Frida Kahlo portraits, and embossed tin mirrors are jus [...]
7 Jul 2016
I got a cupping massage and lived to tell the tale.
I'd like to make a public service announcement: I'm okay. For those of you who have seen my back, chest, or arms—I was not in a horrific car accident or fight with a giant octopus— [...]
6 Jul 2016
Drinks, dinner, and a selfie station.
We're always looking for new cocktail spots—and when we heard the recently opened Cedar Grove had its own selfie station—obviously, we were in. The nature inspired enclave at the c [...]
5 Jul 2016
This Oak Cliff bungalow boasts coffee, cocktails, and intellectuals.
Gone are the days of the coffee shop as simply a place to grab a quick latte. Spots like Oak Cliff’s The Wild Detectives are among the new breed of café-cum-cultural hangout that t [...]