13 Jul 2016
Linda Rodin's lipsticks are finally here.
Linda Rodin is known for many things. Her silvery hair, a long-lasting modeling career, her standard poodle Winky, and her eponymous skincare line are just a few of the sexagenaria [...]
Image courtesy of Welcome to Nightvale.
13 Jul 2016
Weird is in norm in this desert town.
The idea of seeing a podcast live is a little odd—but then again, "Welcome to Night Vale" isn't your typical show. Since it hit the airwaves in 2012, the "community updates" for th [...]
San Miguel de Allende. Photography by Jane Aldridge.
12 Jul 2016
Travel tips by Dallas tastemakers.
Texas might have once been a Republic, but 15 years prior to that it was one of the Mexican states that joined together to declare independence from Spain. Mexico and Texas’ shared [...]
11 Jul 2016
Alika Cooper's new work has landed in Dallas.
California artist Alika Cooper's latest series, titled "Unknown" will be gracing the walls of TenOverSix now through September. The work explores the role of women and feminism [...]
11 Jul 2016
Chic South-of-the-Border goods to shop locally.
La Mariposa This polychromatic Henderson shop is filled with totems of traditional Mexican culture: folk art, sugar skulls, Frida Kahlo portraits, and embossed tin mirrors are jus [...]