COCKTAIL CLASS AT THE TASCHEN LIBRARY. 11.1.16. Cartman Ian Reilly knows how to make some damn good drinks—and now he’s teaching a monthly class on the art of the cocktail. Step inside The TASCHEN Library for three cocktails personally adapted to your tastes and learn how to recreate them at home. To book your space, email
8 Jul 2016
Drinks, dancing, and more.
Friday -Electric Run at Fair Park. Exercising can be fun when glow sticks are involved. Take a cruise around Fair Park for a 5k accompanied by a light and music show. A LED bracel [...]
7 Jul 2016
I got a cupping massage and lived to tell the tale.
I'd like to make a public service announcement: I'm okay. For those of you who have seen my back, chest, or arms—I was not in a horrific car accident or fight with a giant octopus— [...]
6 Jul 2016
Drinks, dinner, and a selfie station.
We're always looking for new cocktail spots—and when we heard the recently opened Cedar Grove had its own selfie station—obviously, we were in. The nature inspired enclave at the c [...]
5 Jul 2016
This Oak Cliff bungalow boasts coffee, cocktails, and intellectuals.
Gone are the days of the coffee shop as simply a place to grab a quick latte. Spots like Oak Cliff’s The Wild Detectives are among the new breed of café-cum-cultural hangout that t [...]
flickr/Jorgen Kesseler
1 Jul 2016
How to celebrate America's birthday and more.
Friday -Not Your Father's Fourth of July. Let's get this weekend started with parties at High Fives, Whippersnapper, Barcadia, and Beauty Bar. (all conveniently located next to ea [...]