Image courtesy of the Radha Kalachandji Temple.
30 Aug 2016
An unexpected spot for awesome vegan food.
Stepping inside the Radha Kalachandji Temple is a spiritual experience. Doesn't matter what or who you believe in—there's something magical. There are tons of interesting facets [...]
José Noé Suro. Image courtesy of artist.
30 Aug 2016
José Noé Suro gives the Dallas Art scene some ceramic soul.
By Christopher Mosley Straddling the chasm between fine art and commercial enterprise can be a delicate balance, but a ceramic facility in Mexico has been doing so for more than [...]
jojo chaung
29 Aug 2016
A Dallas artist gives function a jolt of fun and whimsy.
Jojo Chuang isn’t afraid of color. Whether it’s in his graphic designs, illustrations, or furniture projects, the multi-talented artist’s creations exude an energy and quirk not ty [...]
Risque Frose -3
24 Aug 2016
Cheers to (and with) frozen rosé.
First it was adult macaroni and cheese. Cedar Grove has done it again—taking a childhood favorite and making it decidedly adult (and our new cocktail of the season).  "Frosé" is th [...]
"Marigolds & Baths"
23 Aug 2016
Jane Beaird's "Quiet Creature" makes a loud statement.
As a child, Dallas-born Jane Beaird was always told that she was "quiet." "Many people equate 'quiet' with 'weak' or 'stupid,' which always frustrated me growing up," Beaird say [...]