"Marigolds & Baths"
23 Aug 2016
Jane Beaird's "Quiet Creature" makes a loud statement.
As a child, Dallas-born Jane Beaird was always told that she was "quiet." "Many people equate 'quiet' with 'weak' or 'stupid,' which always frustrated me growing up," Beaird say [...]
encanto 2
23 Aug 2016
Chill out.
Located on one of the most primo blocks in the city (neighbors include Glass Optical, Set and Co., and Spinster Records), paleteria Encanto Pops has opened their bright purple door [...]
22 Aug 2016
Grafitti at the DMA.
The Dallas Museum of Art got tagged—in the best way possible. Swiss surrealist graffiti artist Nicolas Party transformed the main corridor of the museum into a Dr. Seuss-like dream [...]
22 Aug 2016
Multi-hyphenate Andrew Bayer pitches a perfect fit.
If you could choose a defining characteristic for Dallas-based creative Andrew Bayer, it would be the inability to sit still. There’s the styling work he does for companies like [...]
Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.
19 Aug 2016
Your rainy weekend plans, delivered.
Friday -Nicolas Party at the Dallas Museum of Art. Swiss artist Nicolas Party is known for his playful, surrealist graffiti installations. For his first museum presentation in the [...]