led light facial
18 Aug 2016
What an LED Facial is really like.
Between the crazy heat of the summer and an, ahem, active social calendar, my skin has been looking less than stellar recently. Whether it's shiny or I'm lazy when it comes to wash [...]
18 Aug 2016
Aka the Raw Foodie Cleanse from Roots Juices.
I do not like juice cleanses. But what I do like is a good story—even better when it's one where I lose 6 pounds. So when I stumbled upon the Roots Pressed Juices Raw Foodie Cleans [...]
Image courtesy The Single Wide.
17 Aug 2016
It’s time to move on from the old Ships Lounge (R.I.P.).
With the reopening of Ships Lounge, the discussion on “real” dive bars has ratcheted up around Dallas. There aren’t many left—and many of the survivors are closely guarded secrets. [...]
Clan of Cro's "Girlhood." Photography by Anthony Jay Falcon.
15 Aug 2016
Designer Kendall Eckerd crafts chic essentials for the modern girl.
Choosing character over conformity, Eckerd has tailored her own approach to modern fashion. After graduating from Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Eckerd [...]
15 Aug 2016
Let's dine for a good cause.
So maybe we're a little biased, but you should totally dine at CBD Provisions or Americano during Restaurant Week (okay, actually both). For the uninitiated, Restaurant Week is [...]