Image courtesy of the One Minute Play.
12 Aug 2016
Eat, dance, and be merry.
Friday -Beyonce vs. Rihanna Dance Party. Don't call it a face-off—instead, it's a compilation of some of the greatest music ever created. The Details: Trees, 2709 Elm Street. Tick [...]
11 Aug 2016
Our editor gets her arch on.
For the past year, I’ve been in pursuit of the perfect brow. I’ve tried tints, gels, pencils, powders—almost everything. And while some of them were great, I was still in search fo [...]
Junior Borges, Executive Chef. Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.
10 Aug 2016
Life lessons from The Joule's new executive chef, Junior Borges.
Junior Borges was always meant to be a chef. His mother and grandmother were his first mentors in the kitchen, giving him lessons about cooking traditional Brazilian fare like stew [...]
Image courtesy of artist.
9 Aug 2016
Dan Lam’s creepy-cute sculptures play with color and texture.
Dripping from shelving and oozing across walls, Dan Lam’s technicolor creations of polyurethane foam, acrylic paint, and epoxy resin seem to pulse and glow in front of the viewer. [...]
8 Aug 2016
Buttery-smooth leather is in for fall.
Style and function aren’t typically synonymous. But for Los Angeles-based Valas, beautiful and utilitarian go hand-in-hand. Designed by siblings Karina Salmeron and Kenneth Villagr [...]