Hillary Bridgman Photography.
8 Aug 2016
1530 Main's editor is now a masterpiece.
Creating art in the modern world is interesting. There's no longer the need for a subject to spend hours posing for an artist—instead, technology like cameras and computer soft [...]
Texas Theater Blog Edit
5 Aug 2016
Friday –First Fridays at the Farmer’s Market. Join the bevy of vendors inside the Fam...
Friday -First Fridays at the Farmer's Market. Join the bevy of vendors inside the Famers Market Food Hall (Stocks and Bondy and La Ventana are two of our favorites) for beer, food [...]
4 Aug 2016
Your new meditation spot: The Texas Discovery Gardens.
There are very few spots in the city where you feel like you can fully escape (and put down that iPhone). But The Texas Discovery Gardens, inside Fair Park, is one of those places. [...]
On the right, Big Guy's. On the left, Halal Guys.
3 Aug 2016
Who does NYC-style chicken and rice better?
Dallas loves a trendy food item. The macaron? There's now a plethora of shops per neighborhood where you can pick up the French cookie. Tacos? Trendy or traditional, you can have y [...]
2 Aug 2016
Your August reading list.
"'The Curse of Lono' by Hunter S Thompson and Ralph Steadman. In his typical zany style, Hunter S Thompson visits Hawaii, takes drugs, drinks too much, and writes about it. Accompa [...]