14 Sep 2016
What's cooking, good looking?
Restaurant kitchens have a reputation for being a boys club, from the culture to the chef’s coats. So while petite sous chef Nicole Gossling has no problem holding her own on the l [...]
13 Sep 2016
Germany's Kraftwerk wowed at The Bomb Factory.
For someone who had never listened to Kraftwerk, absentmindedly ignorant of the ground-breaking German electronic band from the 1970s, walking into their show at the Bomb Factory o [...]
8 Sep 2016
The Joule's General Manager bikes to his favorite spots.
General Manager Justin Fields is an expert on Dallas. Whether you're looking for that hole-in-the-wall taco joint or the best cocktails in the city, he's mapped it all out for you— [...]
7 Sep 2016
The Pickled Plate from Small Brewpub.
2016 has been a good year for Misti Norris. The chef at Oak Cliff's Small Brewpub is serving up dishes that are admired by local and national publications alike, plus snagged a nom [...]
6 Sep 2016
Tea at Taschen isn't your grandmother's service.
It's an afternoon delight—tea inside The Joule's Taschen Library. It's also the kind of activity that will entertain both foodies and culture nuts alike. Dine on sweet and savory t [...]
1 Sep 2016
Local fitness brand Epidemia Designs is both stylish and smart.
Not all fitness apparel is created equal. This is an idea that Lizzie Cochran takes seriously—and is putting into practice when it comes to her fitness apparel line Epidemia Design [...]