Drag Brunch
28 Oct 2016
Get your tricks and treats this weekend.
Friday -American Psycho. The Texas Theatre is hosting a totally psycho party just in time for Halloween. First, watch the classic about that crazy kid Patrick Bateman and afterwar [...]
Gold Dust Woman - 2RESIZED-2
25 Oct 2016
Midnight Rambler's cocktail inspired by Stevie Nicks.
"Rock on gold dust woman / Take your sliver spoon / Dig your grave," Fleetwood Mac lead singer Stevie Nicks crooned on the 1977 hit "Gold Dust Woman." It's these lyrics, and Nic [...]
pamela love 1
25 Oct 2016
Designer Pamela Love talks life, jewelry, and inspiration.
"My senior thesis was an experimental film about a dinner party," jewelry designer Pamela Love tells me over hibiscus tea inside The T Room. "Everybody in attendance was a strange [...]
sour grapes 2
25 Oct 2016
Sour Grapes Graffiti Crew brightens up the walls of the Oak Cliff neighborhood and beyond.
Graffiti is what make a city come alive, brightening the urban landscape and giving the viewer a signpost that they are, indeed, somewhere cool. The temporary nature makes it even [...]
24 Oct 2016
Our editor became a literal pin cushion.
Just walking into the Manning Wellness Clinic was a big step for me. Typically, if I know a needle is going to be involved in any sort of activity (keep the snarky comments to your [...]