dali cards
24 Oct 2016
These tarot cards always yield a pretty picture.
Work. Love. Money. The future. You want to know your destiny—and if you're superstitious, you might just find it in the tarot cards. But having your tarot read can also be a ris [...]
Market 1
24 Oct 2016
The Dallas Farmers Market has transformed from uninspiring to enticing.
For decades, the Dallas Farmers Market was a conundrum. On the edge of southeast Dallas in a scruffy, predominantly vacant neighborhood, it was a gem gone rogue. Pyramids of pro [...]
24 Oct 2016
CBD Provisions provides the perfect formula for a drama-free holiday.
Thanksgiving dinner. It’s an intimidating—and often polarizing— meal. No matter what you cook or how you do it, something’s bound to go wrong. Turkey too dry? Your mother-in-law wi [...]
See dallas Cycle
19 Oct 2016
Burn calories and raise money for a great cause.
Put some actual soul into your cycle class at See Dallas Cycle on November 4th. Taking place outside at "The Eye" (yes, that 30-foot eyeball downtown across from The Joule), Vital [...]
Photography by Nick Van House.
18 Oct 2016
Meet one of the city's music influencers.
In the mid-80s when acts like Run D.M.C. and Public Enemy ruled the airwaves, Salt N Pepa emerged onto the scene and provided a much-needed female perspective. The threesome busted [...]