11 Oct 2016
Confectioner Maayan Silberman's creations possess soul and style.
When Maayan Zilberman was a child, she had a prophetic dream. “I buried my belongings in the ground, and they turned into candy,” the lingerie designer-turned-confectioner recou [...]
11 Oct 2016
The new issue of 1530 Main is out now.
We've heard the stereotypes before—Texans have big hair, ride horses, and love a good steak. And while we'll never turn down a good filet, there's so much more to the Dallas dining [...]
5 Oct 2016
A pastry chef reviews the new State Fair of Texas food.
Big Tex is suited up, the friers are bubbling, and the State Fair of Texas is now open. For the next month, you can enjoy all sorts of activities (pig races, games, and a car show  [...]
4 Oct 2016
Do three new restaurants live up to their reputation?
We're currently riding the wave when it comes to super hyped-up restaurants making their way to Dallas. Recently, three new eateries have opened to quite a bit of fanfare (or at le [...]
4 Oct 2016
Charles Smith II's new line has an important message—and an even more important beneficiary.
A long line of folding chairs snaked through the corridors of the fashion photographer Bruce Weber’s exhibit at the Dallas Contemporary on Sunday evening. Weber’s portraits of icon [...]
3 Oct 2016
Molly Wilt's domestic crafting will leave you in stitches.
If you're prone to pearl-clutching, we suggest you skip this story. Because Molly Wilt doesn't hold back—in life, or when it comes to her crafting alter ego, Anal Probe Hearts. [...]