14 Dec 2016
TenOverSix schools us in how to continue wearing those sandals in winter.
When it comes to fashion, I'm unbelievably stubborn. I don't care if it's 20 degrees outside and raining—if I want to wear that miniskirt with open toed shoes, I'm going to do it. [...]
12 Dec 2016
The local tie to Laercio Redondo's "Detour" (2015).
Wandering through the Dallas Contemporary's Laercio Redondo exhibit, titled "Past Projects for the Future," you'd never know that the piece almost didn't come to be. But rewind [...]
Shoes on shoes on shoes inside the back room of The Sabah House.
12 Dec 2016
Mickey Ashmore is bringing traditional Turkish shoes to Dallas.
We'd like to enter a new piece of evidence into the great heels versus flats debate. Meet Sabah Shoes, a hybrid fashion shoe and house shoe that you can wear out—and trust us, they [...]
9 Dec 2016
'Tis the season.
Friday -Tea at the Taschen Library. Sip tea, nibble on beautiful bites, and kick back a little champagne while surrounded by gorgeous TASCHEN books—happening every Friday and Satu [...]
5 Dec 2016
Pick up your copy of the December/January issue of 1530 Main.
It's our biggest issue yet. Inside the December/January issue of 1530 Main, we're taking a deep dive into all things Dallas—starting on this very block. Both locals and frequent [...]