Nic Nicosia and Francisco Moreno at Erin Cluley Gallery
6 Apr 2017
Contributing writer Lauren Smart hits the highlights of what visitors can expect this year
Gallerist Barry Whistler lined a corner of his booth at the Dallas Art Fair with a plush rug. He expects visitors will appreciate a cushioned retreat from the concrete floors of th [...]
Caitlin at VITAL
5 Apr 2017
The VITAL Fitness Studio manager reports from the global fitness conference
Though it seems VITAL Fitness Studio manager Caitlin Costa knows everything there is to know about physical fitness, she’s always ready to learn more. Case in point: She recently r [...]
5 Apr 2017
The local photographer showing at the Dallas Art Fair and making his mark on the national scene
“Dallas has been an easy city to live in,” says artist Kevin Todora, who arrived from his native Beaumont in 2001. “When I was younger, I saw many people leave Dallas and head towa [...]
3 Apr 2017
New issue of 1530 Main out now
Edition 12 is dedicated to art and those who create it, display it, and promote it here in Dallas. In this issue, we feature four local artists—Keer Tanchak, Kalee Appleton, Kevin [...]