26 May 2017
Make your own boozy sips on a stick
On Summer afternoons it doesn't get any better than chilling poolside with an icy drink in hand—or does it? In a lazy daydream, we imagined our favorite cocktails as boozy popsicle [...]
25 May 2017
A long weekend means more time to play
FRIDAY Commerce Street Night Market — From downtown, head west on Commerce for this outdoor market at Oak Cliff’s Pike West Commerce Pavilion on the last Friday of every month. Ta [...]
Tabitha Soren's "Emailed Picture From Husband Proving Kids Are In Bed"
23 May 2017
We had the privilege of grabbing a drink with MTV News correspondent-turned-fine art photographer...
Among talk of the past (celeb sightings, her interview with Tupac, et al.) and present photography projects, we talked a lot about travel. After all, Tabitha Soren is always on her [...]
21 May 2017
Our long-suffering editor eats a donut for the cause
*Two rings and a voice answers the phone* “VITAL Fitness Studios.” “Hello. Um, I’m calling to cancel my class this morning.” “Michelle?” “Err…Yes, so sorry to cancel last min [...]
20 May 2017
Movies of the 2000s
She's an avid reader with good taste and impeccable nails. That's why we asked Erin Johnson, manager of TASCHEN Library at The Joule, what she's reading... I totally admit to ju [...]