20 May 2017
The soundtrack for your next workout
If you’ve put in extra time at VITAL Fitness Studio this month because of the 15//30 challenge, you’re in good company. (Over 1,000 points have been added to the board.) Along with [...]
18 May 2017
Graffiti time, plus two reasons to head to the DMA
FRIDAY Late Night at The Dallas Museum of Art — Every third Friday, the DMA stays open until midnight offering live music, gallery talks, and hands-on creative projects. May’s eve [...]
17 May 2017
5 reasons we're excited about Bess
Beauty expert Edward Bess is stopping by Forty Five Ten this week for air kisses, personal consultations, and cocktails. We had the pleasure of meeting him for lunch on a recent Ne [...]
Nobody parties like Salvador Dali
17 May 2017
TASCHEN reissues a cult cookbook to get your creative juices flowing
Spanish painter Salvador Dali is best known for his melting clocks and eerie landscapes. Almost as surreal were the theatrical dinner parties he co-hosted with his wife, Gala. Cele [...]
Ann Friedman and Chris Kraus
16 May 2017
Exploring this question and more at The Wild Detectives this month
Feminism is the topic of conversation all month long at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff, thanks to the literary arts festival, Women Galore. In just the first two weeks, authors w [...]