Keer Tanchak's "straight F's"  (2015) oil on aluminum
8 May 2017
The local painter currently showing at the Dallas Contemporary
Painter Keer Tanchak's name has been on the tip of many tongues thanks to her solo show at the Dallas Contemporary alongside artists Pia Camil and Ambreen Butt. Drawing ins [...]
V3 at The Eye
7 May 2017
Our editor attempts the previously unattempted
Of my many gifts, athleticism is not one. But like a bad cliché or a fitness meme, I keep promising to someday be more disciplined about going to the gym. Good or bad, that day is [...]
5 May 2017
Blink and this limited offering is gone
The Drink: The "Five-Five," a hush-hush, off-the-menu margarita Where: Wheelhouse—patio, please When: Only for Cinco de Mayo What’s in it: Sriracha, strawberry, Cointreau, [...]
4 May 2017
Toasting funny women, talented women, and women of the future
FRIDAY Cinco de Mayo — You can have your pick of the city’s festivities, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better party than the one at Taqueria La Ventana. On the spacious dow [...]
3 May 2017
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
So many books, so little time. Where to start? Insider Dylan Malagrino shares his current favorite from The TASCHEN Library... [caption id="attachment_8014" align="alignleft" [...]