18 Sep 2017
Us and Them: Helmut Newton and Alice Springs   
Bookseller and social media manager of Taschen Library at The Joule, Sarah May, isn’t too bashful when it comes to showing off a little skin.  “As coupling season approaches, I [...]
17 Sep 2017
We didn’t think so—but we can fix that.
Poor Mondays. All the epic events and nice memories are typically relegated to the Fridays and Saturdays of this world. And what do we give Mondays? Instagram jokes about coffee, c [...]
16 Sep 2017
Saturday night’s mix of psychedelic cumbia, glam rock, and folk-pop
Organizers of Saturday night’s concert at the Texas Theatre only ask one thing of attendees: bring your dancing shoes. The Wild Detectives and the historic Oak Cliff theater hav [...]
15 Sep 2017
One of our favorite dinner spots opens for breakfast and lunch
If you’ve had the delicate tuna crudo with slices of red plum and radish or the dry-aged meatballs with whipped ricotta and points of toast—you know nothing at Sassetta is basic. E [...]
14 Sep 2017
Anime, dolls, and rising stars
FRIDAY The Crow Collection of Asian Art joins the DMA and Nasher Sculpture Center to stay open until midnight for the block’s monthly late-night party. In conjunction with the cur [...]