31 Oct 2017
Custom spa treatments for those affected by cancer
This fall, Biologique Recherche has partnered with the non-profit organization Wellness for Cancer to offer customized treatments for the needs of current cancer patients and those [...]
30 Oct 2017
Bringing the magic of mezcal to Expo Park
“The first time I tried mezcal it was terrible,” recalls Shad Kvetko, co-owner of the new Las Almas Rotas. “Good brands weren’t available in the United States. But then I [...]
27 Oct 2017
A Dallas-based illustrator tells her story between the lines
Local illustrator Brie Underhill’s love of comics started early. When she was young, her grandfather clipped black-and-white comics out of the newspaper and would lay them out on t [...]
26 Oct 2017
Spooky things under way
FRIDAY The minds of The Joule's pastry chefs went to dark places to channel all the right kinds of spookiness for a Halloween-themed pop-up shop. Chocolates, sweets, pastries—what [...]
25 Oct 2017
When, where, and how to see them for free
We came to The Dividends by way of Sarah Jaffe, the singer-songwriter hailing from Denton. But perhaps you discovered them thanks to Symbolyc One, the Texas producer who’s worked w [...]