23 Oct 2017
Chef Thomas Keller
Does Thomas Keller need an introduction? The Michelin-starred chef behind legendary restaurants including The French Laundry, Per Se, and Bouchon Bistro led the team of Americans w [...]
21 Oct 2017
Think brick-and-mortars are dead? Think again.
There’s a resurgence of independent shops in Dallas. Even for those who prefer the convenience of digital, there’s a desire for  gathering places to browse, talk books, and glean r [...]
20 Oct 2017
Monse lands in Dallas
Fast friends since they met in the design studio at Oscar de la Ranta, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia not only serve as co-creative directors of that iconic label, they also head th [...]
19 Oct 2017
Hitchcock, Brooks & Dunn, and Kid Cudi
FRIDAY Get in the Halloween mood early with an outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds at Dallas Farmers Market. Grab dinner at one of the Market Shop’s restaurants—Rex’ [...]
18 Oct 2017
Is this the world's greatest lipstick?
Picking up a Serge Lutens lipstick, we first marveled at its interesting case—angled and hexagonal, rather than the customary tube or flat square. Then there is its size. Not mini, [...]