16 Oct 2017
A four-course education on fine Italian wine
Vintners, varietals, terroirs… For as often as we have a glass, it’s a tad shameful how much we have to learn about wine. Luckily, furthering an education in the subject is all tre [...]
13 Oct 2017
Tips from one of our favorite Dallas interior designers
A noted collector of art and antiques, designer (and Texas native) Emily Summers is nationally recognized for interiors that reflect her deep knowledge of contemporary art and arch [...]
13 Oct 2017
The blog. The book. The movement.
It started with a delicious-but-not-so-photogenic salad of grilled sardines, watercress, black olives, and celery slaw. “Food photography is so different than other genres, [...]
12 Oct 2017
Free breakfast, chefs’ tastings, and a way to work it off
FRIDAY Start the day off right with breakfast at Sassetta: veggie frittata, roasted pear oatmeal, bagels with soppressata, toasted brioche… Oh, and we should mention it’s your las [...]
11 Oct 2017
1530 Main test drives the "personal meditation assistant" straight into the ocean
THE SCENE Sitting on a buckwheat pillow, ankles crossed under knees, I slide a wired band across the center of my forehead, tucking its ends snugly behind my ears. As I close my e [...]