9 Dec 2017
Make your own purifying herbal wand with Shamsy!
Bye, bad vibes. 👋🏻 We're hosting a free smudge stick workshop with Dallas artist Shamsy Roomani. She's best known for her Shamstones, one-of-a-kind, florescent resin sculptures fil [...]
5 Dec 2017
A new year calls for crystals, purifying sage, and a little magic
Mixed-media Dallas artist Shamsy Roomiani’s energy is contagious. You hear it in the in ections of her voice and see it in her vibrant work. Fortuitously, her Persian nam [...]
4 Dec 2017
Your chance to win our favorite stuff
Is it late-night tacos? Nasher Sculpture Center? The shoe department at Forty Five Ten?  Whatever you love most about Dallas, we want you to share! In the newest issue of 1530 M [...]