12 Dec 2017
Yes, you can give perfume as a gift.
Choosing a fragrance as a gift can be tricky. But when you pull it off, the risk is worth the reward. Forty Five Ten fragrance consultant, Shasa Mitcham, shares a few of his id [...]
11 Dec 2017
Spotted! One must-have for Main Street
The Eye. It’s downtown’s most recognizable feature, rising thirty feet into the downtown sky. Tony Tasset’s sculpture has inspired some pretty striking Instagram posts and now it s [...]
9 Dec 2017
Make your own purifying herbal wand with Shamsy!
Bye, bad vibes. 👋🏻 We're hosting a free smudge stick workshop with Dallas artist Shamsy Roomiani. She's best known for her Shamstones, one-of-a-kind, florescent resin sculptures fi [...]