5 Dec 2017
A new year calls for crystals, purifying sage, and a little magic
Mixed-media Dallas artist Shamsy Roomiani’s energy is contagious. You hear it in the in ections of her voice and see it in her vibrant work. Fortuitously, her Persian nam [...]
4 Dec 2017
Your chance to win our favorite stuff
Is it late-night tacos? Nasher Sculpture Center? The shoe department at Forty Five Ten?  Whatever you love most about Dallas, we want you to share! In the newest issue of 1530 M [...]
3 Dec 2017
Come on, let's brunch
We're busy, mind you, but never too busy to brunch. To help stressed shoppers, Forty Five Ten will be opening its doors on Sundays in December. And to fuel the extra retail sesh, M [...]
2 Dec 2017
Let ISHI be your spirit guide
With a desert-man-in-outer-space style, JT Mudd is one of Dallas’ most recognizable musicians. When he’s not performing with his own band ISHI (or its alter-ego Depeshi, [...]
2 Dec 2017
Our resident fragrance expert shares five of his seasonal favorites
Texas weather is erratic as ever, and with November temps still well into the 70s, it can be a little hard to feel the fall moods. One way to give your spirit a little nudge? A fra [...]