31 Jan 2018
The power mix for your next ride
If you haven’t done a VITAL ride with Samantha Seaman, it’s time to book one—stat. (VITAL Fitness Studio is offering free first classes right now, so no excuses!) She’s high-energy [...]
29 Jan 2018
Bar & Garden is changing the way Dallas drinks, one small-batch bottle at a time
With big-box booze retailers cropping up on every corner, the neighborhood wine shop seems as rare as the butcher and the indie bookstore. But Bar & Garden aims to upend that t [...]
John Pomara works on view at Barry Whistler Gallery
26 Jan 2018
The new exhibition at Barry Whistler Gallery explores masters and students
The concept behind the exhibition “Masters of Some” was to feature two accomplished artists with a rich history of showing at the gallery—Michael Miller and John Pomara—alongside s [...]
25 Jan 2018
Scents for the age of Aquarius—and beyond
Fragrance choices can be influenced by anything. Often, we consider the season, mood, or occasion—but what about the alignment of the stars? Forty Five Ten fragrance consultant, Sh [...]
22 Jan 2018
Statement pieces speaking to your aesthetic mood
The Modernist Lipstick-red patent on one side and textile stripes on the other. Rachel Comey wool rebel bag, $196. The Details: TenOverSix at The Joule, 1511 Commerce Street. [...]