10 Jan 2018
No really—it’s true
The slim pastel tube with sparkling gem tip only looks like an e-cig. In actuality, it’s a MONQ, a “personal diffuser” that turns all-natural essential oil blends into an inhalable [...]
6 Jan 2018
Wheelhouse brings back its most popular duo
There was a golden era—some time in between last year's sweltering summer and the first cold snap—that we formed a team tradition of Sundays at Wheelhouse. Yes, because brunch and [...]
5 Jan 2018
According to local artist and sprite Shamsy Roomiani
With her incandescent shamstones and mystical smudge wands, artist Shamsy Roomiani is in the business of cultivating positivity. At her December workshop we hosted at TenOverSix, s [...]
3 Jan 2018
Supermom Carlie Wood checks in
Home base?  Idaho. Occupation? YouTuber, social media influencer, SeneGence distributor, mom, wife, golden doodle owner, Diet Coke wrangler... For fun? I feel lame saying [...]