27 Feb 2018
The Mary Katrantzou exhibition—according to the curator who helped pull it together
Our interview with Mary Katrantzou on the Dallas Contemporary’s retrospective of her work highlighted the importance of her collaboration with curator Justine Ludwig. It was Ludwig [...]
26 Feb 2018
(And what is that exactly?)
Dubbed “fire water” for a reason, grappa isn’t the most approachable to American palettes, especially for the uninitiated. But today, Sassetta kicks off a week-long celebration of [...]
23 Feb 2018
New exhibitions in bloom this month
From the wide-open prairies of the Lone Star state to nature viewed through a personal lens, Dallas art spaces offer a glimpse of spring. Writer Kendall Morgan shares her top sugge [...]
22 Feb 2018
Why we don’t need an extra reason to have a margarita
The Drink: Blood Orange Margarita Where: Wheelhouse, in front of a TV playing the Winter Games When: Optimally today (National Margarita Day) at 5:30 p.m. What’s in it: Te [...]
20 Feb 2018
Opportunity blooms for you, Pisces
Happy Birthday, Pisces! Give yourself the gift of a fragrance that’s as sparkling and optimistic as you. Forty Five Ten fragrance consultant, Shasa Mitcham, considers what’s ahead, [...]