15 Apr 2018
Neon-lit and over-the-top, The Eye Ball blows up the '80s
Forget a red-carpet entrance. Guests at last night's fifth-annual The Eye Ball got the backstage treatment, entering through a giant 13-foot-tall neon boom box, down a poster-plast [...]
15 Apr 2018
The Eye Ball’s culinary ode to the ’80s
“I was six. I remember it being a very cool thing—a big deal.” Donald Chalko, Executive Banquet Chef at The Joule, is almost misty eyed when he talks about the launch of Cool Ranch [...]
15 Apr 2018
VHS footage from last night's party
  READ MORE About Last Night... The Eye Ball Recap The Eye Ball's Culinary Ode to the '80s Party On: The Soundtrack  Kristen Cole’s Picks Inspired by The Eye Ba [...]
15 Apr 2018
Talking crimped hair and bathroom karaoke
Fashion event producer Jan Strimple has been thrown some challenging hair and makeup directions for The Eye Ball in years past. (Last year her team was tasked with transforming mod [...]
15 Apr 2018
The soundtrack to the 2018 Eye Ball
Two ways to kill a party: bad music and letting the bar run dry. Thankfully, neither were a danger at this year’s Eye Ball. Heart of Glass, 99 Luftballons, I Wanna Dance With Someb [...]