14 Apr 2018
Forget a red-carpet entrance. Guests at last night’s fifth-annual The Eye Ball got the backstage ...
Forget a red-carpet entrance. Guests at last night’s fifth-annual The Eye Ball got the backstage treatment, entering through a giant 13-foot-tall neon boom box, down a poster-plast [...]
12 Apr 2018
Now open at Dallas Art Fair: The Tenoversix Lounge
Among the more than 100 galleries exhibiting at the tenth-annual Dallas Art Fair, you’ll find a colorful intersection of art and commerce: the Tenoversix Lounge. Everything in the [...]
10 Apr 2018
Our Dallas Art Fair guide, led by arts writer Kendall Morgan
It’s the most wonderful time of the year—at least for gallerists, collectors and art aficionados. The annual Dallas Art Fair brings the best and the brightest in both national and [...]
8 Apr 2018
Free Tacos on Tuesday in the Design District
If you haven’t stopped by Go Go, the little black-and-white-tiled spot in the Design District, this Tuesday is a good time to see what you’re missing. With the motto, “Go on, Get O [...]
7 Apr 2018
Meet ceramicist Reinaldo Sanguino next week at Tenoversix
What you can tell about Reinaldo Sanguino by looking at his work: he loves color, considers the functions of the objects he makes, and has a great imagination. Born in Caracas, Ven [...]
6 Apr 2018
Three downtown interpretations of a spring staple
STREETWEAR FLUENT City chic, a little tough, and cooler than most—not unlike Traffic LA itself. Isabel Marant Hellea Sandal, $385. ROMANCE LANGUAGE A flourish of flounce and [...]
3 Apr 2018
Friday only! The gates are swinging wide open
Every day, people walk past The Eye on Main Street, snap selfies—angling for the perfect shot without the gate's bars in frame—and look longingly on to the immaculate lawn. Le sigh [...]
2 Apr 2018
Enter for a chance to win two tickets to The Eye Ball
It’s a bright, bubble-gum pink SPLAT!—and the city’s equivalent of a golden ticket. Invitations have been mailed for The Eye Ball, a Headington Companies-hosted celebration of Dall [...]